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MCP Newsletter October 16-20, 2017

October 20, 2017 - 30 Tishrei 5778

Dear MCP Parents,

This was a busy week at Morah Carol’s Place!

The True Blue Twos and Shining Stars learned about Parshat Noach (the story of Noah’s Ark) this week, with fun activities, songs, and art projects.

The True Blue Twos have been working on improving their fine motor skills with an ongoing Noah’s Ark art project this week. They’ve been reading lots of Noah’s Ark stories and listening to lots of Noah’s Ark songs.

The Shining Stars have also been creating beautiful Noah’s Ark art projects, which they’ve been working on all week as well. They’ve also been learning their alphabet letters and sounds with Morah Liat; they’re already up to the letter H!

In morning Tefillah assembly, Morah Carol has been going over the Noah’s Ark story with our students as well. They’ve been playing Noah’s Ark games with Morah Carol. In one game, our students pretended to be little Tevas and got animal stickers, so the animals could come on board.

Our students enjoyed yoga with Morah Adina this week, and the Shining Stars learned a new pose: Warrior Pose. Morah Adina told them that a warrior is someone strong and powerful who can use their power to do good things.

In Hebrew Through Movement, our students reviewed previous commands with fun games and music, to refresh their memories after the holiday break. Next week, Morah Adina will be introducing a new command: לגעת (L’ga’at/touch).

This week, we started Karate and Sports with Coach Mike. Our students are having a blast with Coach Mike, and are already learning and doing so much. We also started Tap-ballet with Ms. Ashley. Our little ballerinas had so much fun! Be sure to check out our weekly pictures (link in the newsletter email) to see pictures of Karate/Sports/Ballet in action! If you’d still like to sign up for Karate, Sports, or Tap-ballet, please call Carol at the office or email Adina at

We also started our Step Up to Kindergarten program this week. Our Kindergartners did science with Morah Carol, and started a sensory seed-growing project. They learned about nutrition with Coach Mike, and also did Karate. They did Language Arts with Morah Adina, with handwriting practice exercises and letters & sounds recognition. They also learned about the “setting” of a story and did a fun storybook activity to work on reading comprehension.

Quick reminder: When dropping off/picking up, please be sure to drive in through the proper entrance and out through the proper exit. The entrance and exit are marked with signs.

Please make sure that you don’t drive in through the exit, or drive out through the entrance to the OVS parking lot. This ensures the safety of all children and families who are walking to their cars or driving in/out.

Have a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing your incredible children again on Monday!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Carol & Morah Adina



Congregation Or VeShalom

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