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Newsletter: Our First Week At MCP

Dearest MCP Parents,

We just completed our first-ever week at Morah Carol’s Place--and it was AMAZING!

The kids had a blast playing with old and new friends and getting to know each other better. We had a special mezuzah hanging ceremony, in which the children got to help say the brocha (blessing) with Morah Carol, and then each kiss the mezuzah after.

The True Blue Twos have been creating beautiful self-portrait art and reading lots of fun books, while getting to know each other.

The Shining Stars have been learning more about each other and each other’s families, as well as learning to write and spell their names in English and Hebrew.

Morning Tefillah assembly with Morah Carol has been a daily highlight for the kids, whose delighted little voices ring through the school as they sing the prayers.

The Shining Stars and True Blue Twos have been enthused and energetic about the specialty classes we introduced this week: Middot Yoga and Hebrew Through Movement (both lead by Morah Adina). Our Hebrew Through Movement commands this week were לשבת (l’shevet--sit) and לקום (l’koom--stand). Next week, we’ll be introducing drama class as well!

We’ve only just begun, and we’re already moving so quickly and having so many learning adventures. But you can keep up with us and our daily fun by checking out the blog on our website, and following our Morah Carol’s Place Facebook page.

Thanks for a fantastic week, and we look forward to seeing you again Monday!


Morah Carol and Morah Adina



Congregation Or VeShalom

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