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MCP Newsletter December 4-8, 2017

December 8, 2017 - 20 Kislev 5778

Dear MCP Parents,

Chanukah is just around the corner, and we are so excited!

The True Blue Twos have been learning all about Chanukah with fun Maccabee songs, Chanukah stories, and Chanukah art projects. They have also been focusing on their fine motor skills with lots of stickers and lacing activities.

The Shining Stars have continued their Chanukah unit this week as well. They have been learning all about the story and miracle of Chanukah. Morah Liat introduced the Hebrew letters Aleph and Bet in class this week. The Shining Stars are learning the sounds that these letters make, as well as words that begin with Aleph and Bet.

In morning Tefillah assembly, the children have continued learning about the Chanukah story. Morah Carol has been teaching them the special brochot (blessings) we say on Chanukah when we light the Chanukah candles. They will be performing the brochot at our Chanukah party on December 17th.

In Middot Yoga this week, the children practiced more Chanukah-themed yoga poses. Morah Adina altered traditional yoga poses to create our own fun Chanukah yoga poses, such as Chanukah Candle Pose, Maccabee Lion Courage Pose, and Chanukah Gift Pose. The kids have been having so much fun talking about Chanukah and answering Chanukah questions during yoga time!

Don’t forget: Dreidels & Donuts, our MCP family Chanukah party, is on Sunday, December 17th, from 11-12:30. A special thanks to Yaheli, Orya, and Nehora’s uncle, Nissan Amara, for helping sponsor our Chanukah party this year!

If you would like to help sponsor Dreidels & Donuts, please contact Morah Carol at You can find more information on our website and our Facebook page. And as always, feel free to call or email us with any questions!

Have a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to seeing your precious children on Monday!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Carol & Morah Adina



Congregation Or VeShalom

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