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MCP Newsletter Aug. 14-18

26 Av 5777

Dear MCP Parents,

What a fun and fabulous 2nd week we've had! Now that the kids have gotten a chance to get to know each other and settle in, we have been able to start focusing more heavily on our curriculum and having fun with all our new friends.

This week has been all about Shabbat: Both our True Blue Twos and Shining Stars classes have been creating gorgeous Shabbat-themed works of art, such as Shabbat collage placemats. (You might have seen some of their Shabbat artwork displayed on the bulletin boards in their classrooms.) They've been learning about what Shabbat is, the special Shabbat blessings, and the Days of Creation Shabbat story.

In Middot Yoga this week, the Shining Stars learned Cat pose and Cow pose, and learned what good middot lessons we can learn from each of these animals. The True Blue Twos learned the Downward Dog pose and Tree pose, and the Hebrew words כלב (kelev/dog) and עץ (aitz/tree).

In Hebrew Through Movement, the True Blue Twos and Shining Stars reviewed our commands from last week-- לקום (L'koom/stand) and לשבת (L'shevet/sit). We also introduced three new commands: ללכת (L'lechet/walk), להרים (L'harim/lift), להוריד (L'horeed/lower). To learn these words, our students all helped lift and lower a giant parachute--which was as much fun as it was educational!

In other news, we are excited to announce our first-ever family fun day, on September 10th. In addition to an informational email we sent out, you can find more information about it on our website and on our Facebook page. A special thanks to our Morah Carol's Parents' Group President, Raizel Kahn, for all her hard work in organizing this event.

This week, we are also introducing our $5 Fridays at MCP, a special Shabbat lunch served by the school at our community Shabbat party. If you haven't registered for $5 Fridays yet but would like to, there's still plenty of time! If you did not receive a registration form or you need a new one, email or stop by the office. We'll be glad to provide you with a new one.

We're looking forward to seeing your amazing children again next week!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Carol & Morah Adina



Congregation Or VeShalom

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