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MCP Newsletter November 13-17, 2017

November 17, 2017 - 28 Cheshvan 5778

Dear MCP Parents,

This week at MCP, our students learned all about the theme of gratitude!

The True Blue Twos have been discussing what it means to be thankful. They created awesome place mat art of things for which they’re thankful, using paint dotters to decorate. They have been reading books about showing gratitude this week, as well.

The Shining Stars learned about manners and gratitude this week. They discussed ways to show friends respect and care. They also worked on their ongoing “Giving Thanks” booklet project, created magazine collages of things they’re thankful for, and created “thank you note” artwork. The Shining Stars have been learning the names and sounds of the letters in the alphabet. This week, they completed the whole alphabet! Kol ha’ kavod, Shining Stars!

In morning Tefillah assembly with Morah Carol, the children learned about Parshat Toldot. They learned that Yitzchak and Rivkah had twin boys named Esav and Yaakov. Yaakov was a good boy and liked to learn Torah; and Esav was not so good, and he did not so nice things, like hunting animals. Esav was the first-born, and we learned that there is a special blessing when you’re the first-born. But Esav sold his first-born blessing for a bowl of lentil soup! Morah Hadassah was so kind to lend us her crockpot, so our children could make kosher lentil soup with Morah Carol!

In Hebrew Through Movement this week, our students learned a new command: לשים (l’seem/put). They learned this, as well as the Hebrew words for body parts, with a fun Hokey Pokey song and dance. For example, “L’seem your left yad in, l’seem your left yad out; l’seem your left yad in, and you shake it all about. We do the Hokey Pokey and l’heestovave...That’s what it’s all about!”

We will review this new command again next week.

We at Morah Carol's Place place an incredibly high level of importance on the safety of our students. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that our entire staff is now certified in infant, child, and adult CPR and first-aid! Although the State only requires a ratio of 50% of staff having CPR and first-aid training, we prefer to go above and beyond for the sake of our precious students. We will be displaying our staff's CPR and first-aid certifications on the bulletin board outside the office.

Just a reminder that Morah Carol is certified by the Red Cross in infant, child, and adult CPR and first-aid, as well as emergency preparedness. We want MCP to be both as fun and safe as possible!

We look forward to seeing your amazing children again next Monday!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Carol & Morah Adina



Congregation Or VeShalom

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